How did you end up here?

Mel_CummingThe way in which some people end up working in the palliative care sector is often an interesting journey in itself.  ehospice caught up with Mel Cumming, Director of Cancer and Palliative Care Services in Broken Hill in outback NSW, Australia about how she came to be where she is today…more
“As much as we give to our patients, I think we learn just as much from them.” – Melissa Cumming


Palliative care in resource-limited settings


Dr Eric Krakauer, assistant professor of medicine and of global health and social medicine at Harvard Medical School, and palliative medicine specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital, spoke at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center about implementing palliative care in resource limited settings.

Dr Krakauer drew on his experience training over a thousand physicians and nurses in palliative care in Vietnam to discuss how palliative care should be delivered in high and low income countries, palliative care’s perception around the world and the barriers to providing palliative care…more

IAPC meeting to discuss ‘National Palliative Care Programme and the Way Forward’

IAPC_ehospiceIn a major development in India, the government has formulated ‘Strategies for Palliative Care in India’ which is expected to be implemented in the current five year plan. With an aim to update current players in palliative care in India about the new developments and start the preparatory work, Indian Association of Palliative Care organised a meeting of palliative care organisations working in the country…more

The Need for Palliative Care in Bangladesh

Bangladesh_articlePalliative is an emerging field in Bangladesh. Dr. Zafor Md Masud and Dr. Shahinur Kabir write about the need for palliative care, as well as the progress that is being made towards the recognition of the discipline within the country.

Dying with incurable illness in poverty and pain is all too common in this sub continent as well in our country. With minimal resources shortages of health workers, national health systems in a number of South Asian countries have focused primarily on preventive, curative and maternal health services…read more at ehospice here.